A Light Theme For AlienwareArena
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 Extra ARP for users who purchased Alienware hardware
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 My suggestion
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 APEX Legend Giveaway?
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 Forum integration into the Alienware Arena mobile app
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 Forum for Fanart!
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 Member Highlights/Spotlight!
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 Overwatch exclusive skin?
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 MAKE IT FAIR ! Arena Rewards ARP
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 Forum Voting
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 Browsing forum from the app?
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 More game giveaways for Latin America.
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 Be able to see your comment history
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 Just a little suggestion for the future
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 A system similar to Mixer points?
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 Favourite games/games played on profile
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 AWA Loot Box!
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 Multiple email support?
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 Live chat area
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 UltraViolet Shutting Down... How About Letting Alienware Users Link UV Accounts?
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 Be more transparent about how much more ARP you need to reach the next level
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 Stop Trolling us: Giveaway visible after a few DAYS ! No more Keys left !
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 Option to delete unused Signature and Hero Images
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 Show us at least our latest written replies
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