So the compensation for the survey not working was a LIE just like the compensation for the 13 days of twitch issues? Cool
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02.22.2024 14:53:32 - Pylawn -
I already answered about the Twitch issue that we increased the amount of ARP being distributed in other places, like the quest to check out Relay, and Discord, etc. We're still working on the survey side of things, so just hold tight.
02.22.2024 16:03:45 - Ziggy_Ziggy -
...what twitch issues?
02.22.2024 16:35:19 - krishtian -
It's called impatience and immaturity. Nobody owns you anything, AWA isn't on a payroll from you.
02.22.2024 16:53:36 - dreZmoL -
I remember when the opposite happened, they just cut off our ARP. I was expecting something similar to happen adding up to an approximate amount for everybody. :)
02.22.2024 19:19:16 - ERRORTheUsernameIsAlreadyUsed -
What am i going to do without my 5 arp? i cry everytime
02.22.2024 20:15:41 - Stygiansilence -
krishtian & Kjdisjdil don't seem to understand that any improperly gained ARP has always been promptly removed by AA. People are just asking for the reverse to be given the same attention and fairness.
02.22.2024 20:23:40 - Reiatsu -
@Stygiansilence yeah, exactly, apparently we are not allowed to ask for what should have been given, we can only lose ARP. As I said multiple times, arp for twitch was not compensated, the 30 arp for the relay quest should not be considered
02.23.2024 04:49:15 - LittleFreak92 -
Well... You might ask, but the way you did was just rude.
02.23.2024 06:28:31 - NodOff -
People saying they don't owe you anything are a bit misguided. We took the survey, being market data for them, under the assumption of being compensated. That's time gone, more for some than others, if they tried multiple times.
02.23.2024 11:50:58 - maramire -
I also tried it multiple times and never got anything either. And, krishtian, it is owes, not owns.