In this PUBG match no one wanted to attack anyone and was genious

In this PUBG match no one wanted to attack anyone and was genious

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds forces its players to engage instinct to survive then to face a constant threat, and with that alone also stress. However, is this all that this game has to offer? Allegedly it is not, what a group of players showed us that in one PUBG match had a good hangout without fear of another bullet - they were driving off-road race and engaged in synchronized swimming. There is nothing less stressful in life than that.

How did they do it? Obviously with good agreement. But, like you will see in the footage of that event, PUBG is never intended to be played this way so the party when-then had to come to an end, and all participants then had to lift hand on each other.

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That's pretty amazing.




I'm always surprised by the creativity of the PUBG community. This looks like it was mad fun.




Awesome! Didn't think that someone will RP in game like PUBG.


Haha, that's great.




thanks for news!!!


Thanks for news



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Fifty highly disciplined players of Playersunknown's Battlegrounds demonstrated how in that shooter can be organized off-road races and - watch it now - synchronized swimming.

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