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What is Alienware Academy?

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Starting with CS GO, the Alienware Academy beta focuses on providing lessons from esports pros for our Alienware Arena community. From the basics into advanced mechanics, there will be a lesson plan to match your skill level in CS GO.

Additionally, you'll be able to test your skills in Challenge Servers and coming soon™ a leaderbaord based on your performance in the Challenge Server.

In order to access the content, you will need an Alienware Arena account and connect your Steam ID to your Alienware Arena account.

Provide your thoughts on the new section, lessons that you would like to see and any other updates you think would improve the new Alienware Academy section. Also, don't forget to let us know if you find any pesky bugs, so we can squash them.

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It is stupid that after reaching master level you not allowed to level restricted section. Master is equal to 30 level but it is lower than 15 level right?

OrgWithaStick said:

@Alarmist1984 when it says level 15+ that means Master 1 level 1~ are still eligible.


If your not able to join? that might be a bug.

I not abe to join and I Master 1 Level 6 so I provide feedback

I already use Steam to login to this site, so I imagine linking those accounts should be relatively easy for me to do.

One question, what about those who want to use an alternative platform such as the one just established by Epic Games?

Watched the vids, i'm not much of a CS:GO player, but I can see how they help. Looks pretty cool. Once I reach high enough level i'd like to try it out.