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'Alienware Arena' Folding@Home team account - lets help find cures for diseases !

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Hi guys, I created an Alienware Arena team on Folding@Home named "Alienware Arena".  I got inspired to create it once I read the article where they are actually helping with the COVID-19 research.  One of my teammates in the office thought it was a cool idea so I just downloaded the app and built the team..

Any of us / all of u could download the client and run it while we're not gaming.  If you add team# 241285 after you set it up your points will be associated to team Alienware Arena.

Just imagine the power of all our GPUs combined while we're not gaming !!  It would be awesome!!! 

Checkout the team's stats so far, here.

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This is cool, we have up to 5 people running the app and tagging our team!  Join us and lets get our stats up!  This is awesome!!


If possible I would recommend making sure your GPUs are working on these. Also try to get the passkey for more points.

Hi all

We need more members to fight the war on Covid-19.

Please go to and download the software.

Install and once running add the team number: 241285 to join our team.

Even a little makes a differance.

Stay safe all.

'fraid Tom's Hardware Team has my folds, been running for last couple of weeks.  :)


Points earned

1,361,959(See stats)

1,361,959 go to Team Tom's Hardware's total of 35,030,508,914.




Doesn't matter where you're folding just that you're helping,

Good going BTW yes

Just joined, I have been doing this for a week now way cool