The battle of the boo's

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Hello to all my spooky souls,

I have a fun and exciting challenge that I dare you to implore. Since it is the spooky season, I want to play a game. Not just any game. But a game where I challenge you to take the spookiest in-game photo you can. Now, this can be a spooky landscape or a scene that you find utterly chilling. Over the next 2 weeks, I will take my favorite photos and incorporate them into the site in our quests.

Now. The rules are crystal clear, ya hear me?

1. Not TOO spooky because I do not want to get nightmares from looking at your photos.

2. Nobody wants to see any dismembered body parts or nudity or something just cringy to look at.

3. It must be an original screenshot, no google. I will find it. And I will nuke you.

4. A high-resolution screenshot or snapshot.

5. Make it spooky, the kind of spooky that send tingles down your spine.

6. The deadline to submit your photo is October 8th at 12 pm Pacific time!

7. Post your picture down below so the whole world can ogle at its spookiness

8. I might even throw some of my favorite originals in-game pictures some ARP

9. I'm going to keep this thread clean so all images are displaying at the top of the thread! I will be deleting one-word comments so we can all see the spooky pics :)

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From The Darkness II. May not be the spookiest, or the spoopiest... but it has a spooky vibe and a nice Haloween charm to it.

How to kill a Drillworm? [Mars: War Logs]


Little Nightmares had some great spookiness. Can't wait for the second game :D

Not a fan of the spooky games so this is the most related thing I have from one of my mobile games.