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Public RUST: Worth it or not?

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Hey guys,

I recently took a liking to rust thanks to the streamers playing it. Wanted to ask if buying rust to join public servers is worth it or not?


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Are you easily frustrated?  Would it enrage you to get killed instantly again and again before you ever have a chance to even build a small hut, to say nothing of teching up to the point that you can reasonably defend yourself?  Would it bother you even more to spend hours building and grinding only to have someone come along and smash/steal everything?  If the idea of meticulously building a house of cards only to have someone come along and knock it over entirely out of spite upsets you, then you don't want to play Rust on public servers.  Yes, you can occasionally have fun and maybe even accidentally stumble into the rare random encounter that embodies the best of what those sort of games have to offer, but most of the time it's probably going to be a miserable experience.

Honestly, unless you enjoy that thrill of high risk with little reward, being savagely killed over and over, and/or investing dozens of hours only to lose it all and have to start all over, it's impossible to recommend Rust - especially on Public servers and especially if you're playing solo.  If you have a friend or group of friends to play with, you can have a lot more fun with the game because 1) you can actually be more productive as a group and watch out for each other, and 2) the fun comes less from the game itself and more from just goofing around with your buddies. 

That said, you can play solo/offline.  But, last I played, it's as aimless and meandering as early Minecraft and quickly becomes boring once you reach the point where survival is no longer a challenge.  They really need to integrate some sort of story/quest line and an endgame goal to make offline more engaging.  For the amount of fun you might get from playing offline, the asking price for Rust is a bit oo high.  (I wouldn't recommend you pay more than $10-15.)

Rust can be amazing and it can be frustrating.'s what you make of it. 

Check out Youtubers Weyln, Frost, and Surge.  These guys have a great way of weaving together a narrative to their gameplay. It's entertaining to watch, yes...but it's also a great blueprint on how to play. 

Can you just try to survive? Sure. Can you build your way up to raiding other people's bases? Sure.  But you can go out on a limb and take risks in high PvP could create your own objectives or stories I'm going to be a Boat Captain and try to ferry nakeds (freshly spawned players) around the can try to team up with strangers and work together.... or just become a robinhood with the main goal of helping other people  The possibilities are endless. 

So, if you go in with an open mind and the idea that the game can kind of be a choose your own adventure can have a great deal of fun. It's worth the $$.

I just bought it and it's pretty fun. You can join a small population noob server to try to get your bearings around the game mechanics. Servers seem to be most active in the 1st few days after wipe so only plan on playing for a few days at a time. I would highly recommend getting a group of friends to play with to progress faster and to watch your back, plus killing scientists is much easier with 2 or more people. Also, with the new popularity of RP in Rust I would expect some more RP servers to pop up for casual players who don't stream.

This guy plays rust and makes good content. Perch up on a mountain, spin the bottle. If the bottle points at a fortress, make it your mission to break into that fortress and steal all the hard earned loot.

Rinse and Repeat.


Go build a fortress or a small house. And everyday in your real life, you log back into the game. And say "Hey Bob, what you doing today?"

Bob: "Waiting for the next air drop, can I borrow your crossbow?"

You: "Sure, can I borrow your hammer and some wood and 10 steel?"

....and you know the deal. You can make some interesting aquaintences and in reality its 2 losers playing a video game when they should be cleaning up their actual room or their laundry.