Halcyon 6 Starbase Commander Free On Epic Games

Hi Everyone,This Week On Epic Game we got Halcyon 6 Starbase Commander which is available untill February 18th and this Game normally costs $10.79

Short Descriptions


On the edge of Terran space lies Halcyon 6, a starbase left behind by a mysterious precursor race. Your mission is to reclaim the derelict station and rebuild it. That is, until the mysterious and powerful Chruul appear, eviscerating Earth and the entire Terran Federation in one fell swoop. Halcyon 6 is the last human outpost, save for a network of small-scale mining facilities and colonies. Humanity can survive, but not until the Chruul are gone. Establish new alliances, research new Technologies and the secrets of Halcyon 6, and win the war with the Chruul, if you can. Using only the Resources you can scrounge or duplicate from Halcyon 6 and collect from surviving Terran mining facilities, it’s up to you to rebuild the entire Terran Federation. Oh, and rain fiery, wrathful vengeance upon The Chruul. That'd be great too.

Link: Halcyon 6 Starbase Commander
Game Trailer: Halcyon 6 Starbase Commander

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