30XX has launched in Steam Early Access

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For those of you fans of 2D shooter games (Like Megaman, Metroid, Journey to Silius, etc) a new roguelike platform shooter was just released in early acces on steam. A few of you probably played the previous entry in steam named 20XX, this is the next entry from the same developers (Batterystaple Games)

From the last entry (20XX) the game has improved heavily on the movement fluidity and style, now more closely resembling the Megaman X in the quality of the  artstyle and sprites. Also, like most roguelikes there is some devastating combos that can be created with the weapons collected if you get a bit of luck and last long enough.

Try the weekly challenges to compare yourself to other players worldwide, play cooperatively with another player either online or in the same screen, even create your own scenarios with the level creator!

There is also a more clasical mode (Mega Mode) if you dont like the permadeath aspect of roguelikes and prefer to play it with more ease with extra lifes to beat each boss individually instead of all in one run.

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Yeah, bought it as soon as Steam sent me the email that was available, it's clear that this is still early but it kinda already has more content than the first game with 6 full areas instead of the 4 of the original

Also playing almost exclusively in mega mode which makes it feel like a true Megaman game though some QoL would be appreciated