Fear Surrounds Early Acess

About the game:

Fear Surrounds is a horror-tinged take on the Among Us/Werewolf style social subterfuge genre, where two evil spirits hide within a group of players and attempt to sabotage and murder them.

Much like Among Us and Werewolf, Fear Surrounds is a multiplayer game filled with deceit and treachery. In the game, a team of humans are given tasks to complete to win the match, but there are two evil spirits in their ranks that are trying to kill them off.

When anyone is killed then the humans all have to convene in the conference room to vote on who the evil spirits are. The person with the highest votes is sacrificed (whether they’re an evil spirit or not) and the game continues until all the humans are dead or the evil spirits are vanquished.

There is also one person who is designated as the priest. The priest has the ability to check the identity of others at regular intervals, but nobody knows who the priest is and trust is in short supply, so getting people to believe them can be tricky.

It’s a promising twist on the social subterfuge genre with a dark and grimy setting that should really help amp up the paranoia.

Play for free until October 15th!