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Best giveaway till date by Alienwarearena ?

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I am fairly new to Alienwarearena and I want to know is it worth spending time and leveling up. Would really help a newcomer

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Good question. The answer is Shadow Warrior: Special Edition. I didn't get one thou, I didn't participate for years. if you are new here. A word of advice. Make sure there not a space after submitting an answer. Even it's correct, won't get credit. If you get double arp stuff don't waste it until you know your gonna get a 25. 

I know this is out of topic but here is a free key for Heavy Metal Machines-Dirt Devil Pack DLC (the base game is free), i didnt know i have the DLC before i entered the GA :P (1+1)L2WI-QG66A-E5VEI 

And the best giveaway by date must be Street Fighter V, or Dead By Daylight, depend on your taste. 




They've done some good giveaways in the last two years, such as Street Fighter V (NA), Redout Enhanced Edition, Disintegration, Serious Sam 1-3, Dead by Daylight (NA) and I'm not sure  if Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 in NA region, since I'm from Europe. As you can see the best giveaways are NA only.


I haven't been able to get any of the (non-beta or DLC/in-game stuff) giveaways here in probably years now. I think the only decent thing I got was Shadow Warrior: Special Edition and that makes it the best by default, but I have a feeling that was given away not too long after on Steam directly. Those days it seemed there were enough keys for everyone if you were the right level, but now the lower level giveaways are always out of keys and only set to like level 2 and the higher levels have always been way beyond my reach.

That said, if I had actually been able to get a key, I would say Street Fighter V was the best, but alas I wasn't able to claim it.


ghostremnant said:

I haven't been able to get any of the (non-beta or DLC/in-game stuff) giveaways here in probably years now.

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Let's be honest, since at least 2017 you've gained 1182 ARP, you haven't tried at all to get games. I Joined in 2016 and have 13972 ARP and have rarely missed the chance to grab nearly every game.

As for OP yes it's definitely worth it, only takes a few minutes to login and do the daily tasks, remember to use ARP multipliers on days that you'll know you're going to get a large amount of ARP, as Joe has suggested, like if you're early on the Weekly Quest and know the answer will give you 25 use a 2x and get 50. The multipliers also double the amount of points you get on everything else while it's actice, such as points from from signing in.