So how Wuhering Waves ?? P.S. I wish cutscenes coudl be scipable :)
Again da keys are gone. Arp. Arp.
Post your Lifetime and Redeemable ARP! I'll start.
Lifetime ARP: 42,695 Redeemable ARP: 16,300
Roses are red. Giveaways aren´t for the European. "Sorry, this promotion is not available in your region"
Does this text mean there's no chance to earn DRP in the bonus game this week?
Having troubles finding the link to refer a friend? Any help on where I can find it?
man it's hard to get points now just come back.
Oh no
No keys for lower level players from these recently dropped game giveaways
Dragon Age: The Veilguard | Official 20 Minute Gameplay Reveal
what is this
Coin coin 🦆
anybody ever won anything on dell rewards website weekly spin game? ive been spinning once a week for months and never even won their lowest prize

Game Collector

[Steam](DLC) Forza Motorsport Porsche 963 Combo

Fluffy Creature

Age of Mythology: Retold – Xbox Games Showcase 2024

Fluffy Creature



Elder Scrolls Online ESO Plus trial

is on right now for all those who own the game.
You have to initiate it, and then you can get the benefits until June 19th, 10 AM EDT.
They do this from time to time, and apparently you can participate every time they do it.
(Big thanks to YorgunOyuncu, who posted a heads up on AWA Discord.)
ESO Plus free trial details. Too long to list here, sorry.
Doom: The Dark Ages - Reveal Trailer
There’s no timer this month, does anyone know when the marketplace DRP will reset?
Gears of War: E-Day - Reveal Trailer
Perfect Dark - Official Gameplay Trailer
Fable - Official Release Window Trailer
Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater - Trailer
South of Midnight - Gameplay Trailer
Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 - Reveal Trailer