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Alienware 15 R4 Battery Explosion Danger - Can it work withtou battery?

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Hello there!

I have a Alienware 15 R4 and about 1 month ago I noted that the battery got inflated.

I have ordered a new one, but as I live at Argentina, will take about 1 month to recieve it.

The question is: Can this note work without the battery?

I have looked at some others forums and some people had trouble trying to work with no battery.

Thank you in advance!!!

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We're all here because we're not all there...

I would give it a shot...  Just remove the inflated battery, plug in the power brick. and try to fire it up.  The worst that will happen is that it will not work, and you will still have to wait on the new battery.  Don't leave the inflated battery pack in your machine...  Blown lithium packs can auto-ignite if they continue to be charged by the power brick.

My Alienware 18 worked fine with a completely dead battery while I waited for my new battery. - Though, I could leave the old one in the machine because it was not inflated like yours. - It just would not charge.

Best of luck to you!