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 The most interesting new games - 07/2018
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 Germany bans vague release dates for pre-orders
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 Tomorrow the HITMAN Episode 3 will be free for limited-time
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 Far Cry 5 soon takes us to Mars
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 The 12 best selling games on Steam so far in 2018
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 Portal 2 is getting 20 new maps and 30 new puzzles
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 Almost all content in The Division 2 will be able to play without other players
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 Monster Hunter World arrives on PC much earlier than expected
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 Soulcalibur 6 will not put an emphasis on competitiveness
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 Started Season 5 in Fortnite, it brought servers down
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 Star Trek Online Hearts and Minds Mission Returns 6pm PT July 12th until around 6am PT July 14th.
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 15 Games That Have Jaw Dropping Water Effects
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 Rocket League 2 you can forget
Replies: 31 Views: 1104 Last Post:  by DIMONych_1001
 Forza Horizon 3 is The Best Racing Game so far
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 Warframe Promo Code's
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 Square Enix Publisher Week Up to 85% Off on Humble Store
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 Instant bans being handed to Rainbow Six Siege players who use slurs
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 New ability for cards Heartstone
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 Electronic Arts added four new games to the Origin Access Subscribers Library
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 How football is turning to videogames to stay relevant
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 Fortnite XP Chart Season 5 And Skin Targets
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 Fallout 4 Northern Springs Is A Big Fan-Made Free DLC Available Now
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 PT Silent Hills Remake Taken Down By Konami
Replies: 1 Views: 46 Last Post:  by Dislo
 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 multiplayer and Blackout betas detailed, dated
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 Konami shuts down P.T. PC remake and offers creator an internship
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