I redeemed my ARP for an Alienware plush 2 weeks ago… no shipping or order confirmation in my inbox… now what? (I’m in the USA)
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05.14.2024 21:30:27 - hillberd -
give it like 2 more weeks. it's all shipped through a 3rd party, and apparently AA has little involvement in that unless something goes wrong. I only know because I did the same thing last month and just got my email confirmation monday.
05.14.2024 23:11:41 - GirBae -
Thanks for sharing @hillberd gonna (try to) be patient!!
05.15.2024 13:31:40 - Pylawn -
Ya, the swag currently ships out on a monthly basis, so if it was after April 30th, it will be sent out in the next batch. We're working on speeding that process up though!
05.15.2024 17:02:34 - Fruit Punch Samurai -
You need to signup for AWA Prime to get fast shipping.
05.15.2024 17:06:29 - GirBae -
@Pylawn gotcha!! Excited!