Has anyone redeemed ARP for the Alienware Plush? How big is it? And it's free shipping right? (I'm in the USA) ...also, how long does it take to arrive? We talking a week or a month.... :/
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04.29.2024 03:53:39 - aliencal -
Never noticed that before, I just thought it was a sticker. Now I'm tempted. Same questions but for Canada.
04.29.2024 04:04:18 - aliencal -
I currently have "The Stanley Excavation" for the steam quests. So I went ahead and ordered the plush for 1020 arp. I guess I'll see how long it takes and what size it is. Said avail in Canada before i hit submit. Just the arp needed.
04.29.2024 04:06:28 - aliencal -
After I spent the arp, it just wanted my address. That was it.
04.29.2024 05:07:01 - GirBae -
So no order confirmation or anything? @aliencal
04.29.2024 06:56:20 - aliencal -
Not yet, but it does show in my rewards section with the date. I'll check in the morning, might take a bit to get an email assuming they send one.
04.29.2024 15:16:13 - Cartire -
We're working on a new system for merchendise that will help inform users better. For now, it takes anywhere from 1w-4w to process. At that point, you'll receive your first email with details of your order.
04.29.2024 16:58:06 - aliencal -
@Cartire, thanks for the info.
04.29.2024 16:59:22 - aliencal -
@GirBae, guess it will take a bit, but its in progress.
04.29.2024 17:33:50 - Fruit Punch Samurai -
The 30x34mm mouse pad is still there. "What is this? A mouse pad for ANTS?!"
04.29.2024 17:48:28 - Goonix -
I actually claimed the mouse pad and a keychain on the 29th of March. Still haven't heard anything as of yet. :D