Does anyone know if there is a way to get a refund on purchased physical rewards? I've been waiting years for some of the items an still have not gotten them. I've all but lost hope of getting some of them. I did email the gamingoutfitters but they never returned my messages.
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06.23.2024 17:17:51 - Supreme Ryuu -
It was just using arp, it was just alot, over 3000. I wanted to get that alienware jersey.
06.23.2024 18:03:24 - Supreme Ryuu -
That sounds like a good idea, thank you! I try it out and let you know what happens!
06.23.2024 18:08:45 - Supreme Ryuu -
Thank you and I hope so too, I was very proud that I saved up enough arp for that cool swag. Would have loved to get that jersey but we will see. Maybe one day it'll come back to the marketplace.
06.24.2024 01:45:11 - marvinmichele -
If you wait, it will come. If not, contact AWA gods
06.25.2024 11:45:20 - louvelyn -
You can ask (or come to the Discord), they will tell you where your order is at. IIRC there were issues recently, but they've been resolved now!
06.25.2024 11:56:20 - Supreme Ryuu -
After contacting the alienware arena team they refunded my points and helped me get my next rewards. Thank you guys for the advice and help!