The Sheriff

All merch has been reenabled with improved features and tracking information. This will only effect new orders.

UPDATE: Merch has been turned back on for North America. Rest of the eligible countries should be available within the next few days.

Notice: Physical Merchandise is temporarily disabled while we implement an update to the system. We expect it back online by 7/12/24.
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07.11.2024 00:19:47 - marvinmichele -
Oh Please, please, please PLEASE, PLease keep the physical Merch!!!! I <3 Alienware
07.11.2024 00:56:40 - hhkb -
notice: thank for notice
07.11.2024 13:03:45 - Zartan88 -
You guys had me worried then.. I take it that there is no (extra) delay with anything claimed is there?
07.11.2024 15:02:15 - Cartire -
@zartan88 nope, but this new system will be a huge upgrade to the system and more information for members around orders.
07.11.2024 16:46:06 - devJSM -
I don't think the update caused my issue, but I had a redeem from 5/26 that I never received confirmation (aside from the points being deducted from my total) and have reached out twice to support via email with no response :(
07.11.2024 20:00:14 - GirBae -
I redeemed the Alienware plush 2 months ago... how do I know if the order was placed or when it will ship...?
07.12.2024 13:19:36 - C_U_E -
I've never been able to buy (Spain)