Meant to post this earlier, but RE: Quests. The same thing happened for day 4. What I observed though is apparently only the Control Center is affected. The quest page which has the identical panel has the quest updated. This does need to be fixed.
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02.01.2024 23:45:55 - AW__Tom -
Thanks for flagging, we're taking a look
02.02.2024 00:27:27 - Toriella1 -
As per my reply to your post from yesterday... I am in Australia, and my quests are not showing in control centre until the next morning when there are only a few hours left to complete.
02.02.2024 00:29:57 - Toriella1 -
Further to this, I should add that I used to be able to refresh my page at about 3pm and get the new daily quest.
02.02.2024 05:41:58 - Thowoc -
Sometimes it gets stuck. A workaround is you can click on the previous day's quest and add 1 to the quest number in the url. E.g. if you see /quests/5003 just type in /quests/5004 manually to get today's quest.
02.02.2024 15:29:40 - TurdFerguson87 -
Thowoc, this info is not necessary to bring up. I've already tested things here. We're way past that.
02.06.2024 06:29:13 - Toriella1 -
I can confirm that my control centre doesn't update to the new daily quest, but if I visit the quest page the new one is there. I hope this helps solve the problem.
02.07.2024 22:00:41 - TurdFerguson87 -
OK, I can see what the pattern is here. Control Conter has thus far failed to update - but only will once the quest is complete. Quests can only be accessed on the quest page.