🎮 [Steam-Key Giveaway]


The first alien who leaves me a nice message, a friendly greeting, or tells me a story that makes me smile will receive the key from me in a private message.

Take care ^^
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02.27.2024 16:12:39 - leec -
Once upon a time there was a magical place where it never rained... the end! Have a great day :D
02.27.2024 16:27:51 - erintesden -
Good afternoon, hope you are having a nice day. And that you are more aware of your surroundings than me. More than once I ended up going to college or work using my t-shirt backwards or inside out... And varios times I didnt realize it unt
02.27.2024 16:28:46 - GeNuKKe -
Nice place to be XD you will see the key in your inbox in a minute
02.27.2024 18:54:28 - GeNuKKe -
@erintesden That was a good one too, good luck for the next giveaway to come (maybe with the end of the story?)!
03.06.2024 12:42:03 - ZeusCell -
At the park, a tiny ladybug landed right on a little girl's nose. The girl giggled, whispering, "Hello little friend," before gently blowing the ladybug onto a bright yellow dandelion, where it took flight towards a sky full of possibilitie