Anyone have any thoughts on the Ba`li Arches Artifact. It is 1000 ARP and gives you +6 for time on site. So assuming I spend the time on the site every day, it will take 167 days to pay it back. Is it worth it? Do you think it will go down in price before it is removed? Thanks!
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04.04.2024 15:52:08 - bcdusk2 -
Unless you got an artifact or anbartifact set ghat gives you a discount there is no way you can get it cheaper. The thing is not bad fully maxed so so get it if you want it.
04.04.2024 15:57:40 - bzhknight -
Since i replaced an artifact that gave me 2 twitch point per day with this, technically its 4 point per day to pay it back 213 day since i got it for 850 arp its only worth it if :
04.04.2024 15:58:46 - bzhknight -
1) you plan to stay here for a long time 2) they don't bamboozle us by adding a new level to the artifact that gave 2 more twitch point
04.04.2024 17:08:42 - hawkeye116477 -
It's unknown if something better will come in future, so maybe better to grab than regret later.
04.04.2024 19:36:44 - StompsDaWombat -
Unless you already have the H'erkow Plasma Chamber, Pn295 and Chai Stones combo, it's one of the best Artifacts you can get. Though, it is hard to feel good about investing the 56 Fragments to earn just +6 ARP per day.
04.04.2024 20:23:20 - kovec -
It's good if you have a slot that isn't that useful and a lot of fragments to use on it.
04.04.2024 21:58:06 - MegaMaxedStone -
it's BIS
04.05.2024 14:30:57 - Memnock74 -
Thanks for the answer everyone! If anyone is invested, I did get it, and removed my 1% marketplace discount artifact! I figure I can switch them out if I am going to buy something!
04.06.2024 23:40:26 - OsuCelsius -
Worth it