so, on this new quest format, i think everyone here has the same issue. Clicked on the controller and insta won 5 ARP. I believe they could refund (or at least, give some bonus), because it's not fair that a lot of people got scammed because of the programming fail.
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02.08.2024 18:10:13 - Fruit Punch Samurai -
Is it a scam if you're awarded a prize? Or did you assume everyone gets the same prize?
02.08.2024 18:20:35 - MASTERHAENIR -
I mean we couldn't play the game because of the website error. Some people got higher ARP for doing nothing, while others got less for not playing or even playing and get a random prize.
02.08.2024 18:28:01 - Fruit Punch Samurai -
@MASTERHAENIR, The comments from both Axe Hunter and previouse Spore Hunter games indicate that it doesn't matter if you play or not, becasue the quest has already preselected your random prize.
02.08.2024 19:17:42 - MASTERHAENIR -
@Fruit Punch Samurai, that's not the point, the point is: the game is bugged when you click the controller icon, which automatically ends the game.
02.08.2024 22:37:33 - SomeDoug -
Yeah, did the same thing, clicked on the controller and insta-5ARP. At least I managed to get all 3 patterns in the memory game correct (for a change) to get that 7 ARP.