Anyone feel like these Daily Quests give out more ARP + better chance at Dell Rewards if you do them once they are active around 12AM EST rather than later in the day? I just did it at 12am and got 20 ARP instead of the usual 5.....
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04.25.2024 16:38:40 - GhoulSlaying -
I just did it and was lucky enough to receive 2000 DRP, so not that I noticed. But you and I only make two stat points, so not a lot to draw from just that.
04.25.2024 16:41:57 - TurdFerguson87 -
I had no impression it was first come, first served. I got my DRP like hours after the quest started.
04.25.2024 17:56:17 - lomaxgnome -
It's random, there's never been any indication the DRP are first come first served, I've won just as often 12+ hours later as I have 5 minutes after midnight.
04.25.2024 17:57:27 - lomaxgnome -
I will say the ARP for this particular game feels more random than the previous ones did that consistently gave 20 ARP if you didn't get DRP, this one hands out 5 ARP pretty often.
04.25.2024 17:59:47 - lomaxgnome -
Of course getting a quarter's worth of ARP instead of $5-$20 worth of DRP always feels like garbage.
04.25.2024 18:57:57 - zakijesk -
I think it's just bugged and random, I wouldn't waste my time analysing it
04.26.2024 01:11:55 - anonumos -
I scrolled through all the posts mentioning the same "randomness" and found one where an administrator replied that they are working on it.... it was a relay made 3 months ago.
04.26.2024 02:04:28 - Verseelee -
I feel like it gives 5 ARP way more often than 20 or any DRP at all
04.26.2024 03:23:16 - DrowningInIt -
almost certainly a product of confirmation bias
04.26.2024 03:58:15 - Thalatash -
I usually always do withing an hour of the reset and I'm pretty sure it's just random. I've gotten 5 ARP for 5 weeks in a row now but a few months ago I got 2000 DRP for 3 weeks in a row. I wish you were right, though.