New artifact needs some buffing. Consider making the bonus apply to steam quest games too, or it's rather useless.
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02.29.2024 21:03:41 - papermonster -
we need more artifact slots,3 not enough
02.29.2024 22:34:29 - Joah-Den -
Artifacts need to get those Gains... lol
03.01.2024 00:33:02 - TheShmiddy -
Yeah, 5% bonus on steam community events is negligible. Maybe a 50% or 100%-500%, but is that worth giving up ARP bonuses in that same slot instead? Nope
03.01.2024 01:27:27 - NYdeathgrind -
how do you even apply the artifacts? i can't seem to figure it out.
03.01.2024 01:44:27 - Stygiansilence -
@NYdeathgrind go to profile, click on artifact showcase, and click on the artifact. Once that's done, simply click on a slot in the equip screen and save changes.
03.01.2024 01:52:25 - NYdeathgrind -
@Stygiansilence i tried on mobile app, microsoft edge, and no luck
03.01.2024 02:43:18 - Stygiansilence -
@NYdeathgrind I don't have any experience with the app, so that might be a bug. I'd login on your browser, make sure you're on desktop mode, and give the instructions a shot.
03.01.2024 08:01:33 - thedoktor -
AWA is nerfing ARPs, not buffing. Don't expect anything out this pattern.
03.01.2024 08:03:32 - Stygiansilence -
@thedoktor nerfing is one thing, releasing a useless artifact as the final prize in an event is another. As it stands, since you can just idle games, it's even more useless than the robes.
03.01.2024 09:25:05 - thedoktor -
@stygiansilence I see your point, and you are right about all of it, but I dont expect from AWA releasing any good artifact. So, best move for community, as AWA won't buff or improve these, ask for more artifact slots, or a social "special"