Anyone else have no Twitch streams to watch? Mine shows "Hmmm, there don't seem to be any streams available. Please try again later."
Anyone have any thoughts on the Ba`li Arches Artifact. It is 1000 ARP and gives you +6 for time on site. So assuming I spend the time on the site every day, it will take 167 days to pay it back. Is it worth it? Do you think it will go down in price before it is removed? Thanks!
The "Them" Artifact is actually -20% arp, I thought for sure it was supposed to say "increases all ARP earned by - 20%" but it actually means it increase by -20%, why would I even want that!
So I am about 177 ARP short to get the Warframe DLC, anyway to get that much ARP in 5.5 Hours!?