Developer of Eve Online is working on a new MMORPG

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The year 2017 may have not yielded 365 beautiful calendar days for CCP Games, the studio behind the space MMO game Eve Online, as the company canceled its own VR project, dismissed nearly a hundred people and closed two of the four offices. However, this does not mean that CCP Games intends to say goodbye to the gaming industry but the very opposite. Specifically, the Icelandic developer and video game publisher has opened up new jobs and looks for interested people who are ready to go to a new adventure, especially those who have experience with Unreal Engine 4.

"CCP is currently building a team in London that would be in charge of developing a new and highly ambitious MMORPG. We expect to develop a relatively small, tightly-connected team capable of delivering great ideas through experience, smart processes and world class tools", they said.

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I hope its a persistent open universe space mmorpg that it comes out before and plays better than Star Citizen.  Imagine all those nerd tears. ;P

Very cool, I look forward to reading more info on this in the future and good luck to them.

Tired of waiting need some new mmorpg to play on, bored of most existing mmorpg

I hope it has the same skill system as EVE, but with only learning skills

I lost my faith about the modern MMORPG's.

Just pls don't be like Daybreak xD

can they find magic in a bottle again?  Interesting to see them do an mmorpg in a new genre

Hope it is a good one, I am tired of all the Korean and Chinese made MMO except for a few now