A Message From Frank Azor

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Alienware community, thank you for your loyalty, passion and support over the last 21 years. You’ve made this experience the ride of a lifetime. See below for a letter I sent out today regarding my next opportunity. Thank you for continuing to support the best gaming brand and team in the industry. – Frank




As you saw in Ray’s earlier announcement, I’ll be leaving Dell as of July 3 to take on a new challenge.


A little over 21 years ago, I met a couple of lunatics who had an idea they called Alienware. When I met them and learned about the company they were trying to build, I thought to myself, “This would be the coolest job ever.” I was right, but none of us ever dreamed the brand would come this far – which is a result of all of you, your hard work and passion.


We’ve earned the trust of millions of customers and the hearts and minds of hundreds of millions of fans. Together, we’ve built the best gaming brand in the industry backed by a passionate community, remarkable products, exciting marketing campaigns, compelling partnerships, engaging conversations with press and customers, lifelong relationships, and thousands of awards. We’ve worked our butts off while having a lot of fun.


I’m so proud of what we’ve built together. Our gaming and premium consumer businesses are outperforming the market and are a huge priority for Dell.


But the builder and creator in me is ready for the next challenge. It will be very hard to leave this incredible team. Stop for a second and just think about what this team has accomplished. It’s truly remarkable.


Alienware joined forces with Dell in 2006. Despite all odds, this team preserved and strengthened the Alienware brand into the phenomenon it is today. Alienware is THE PC gaming leader with countless industry firsts, from introducing the world’s first liquid cooling desktops to the launch of the first gaming notebook. Alienware has defined the PC Gaming industry we know and love today.


A few years ago, the XPS team was adopted into our family and the team grew the product line to be the envy of the PC industry. For our most recent feat, we launched our G Series mainstream gaming line and merged our gaming businesses under one unified strategy. Today, our overall gaming businesses combined tops over $3 billion in revenue! This success is a result of all of you and your passion for gaming and building the best products and experiences for our customers.


For a company to have three brands in pole position in our highly competitive industry is an amazing achievement. I couldn’t be more proud, but most of all, I’m incredibly thankful. We’ve built awesome things together, but more importantly, we’ve helped each other grow into exceptional employees, leaders and generally awesome people. We’ve built the best brands in the industry because we are the sum of the best people, performing at our best, and in the best jobs for each of us. 


So, yes, leaving is hard. But I do so with confidence knowing the talent here is the industry’s best and will take this business even farther.


I love what we’ve built together. I’ll always be cheering for you. It’s been an incredible journey together. Thank you for every bit and byte of it. #1T1D (One Team. One Dream.)




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It's always hard to leave something that you built from the ground up, but change can be a positive thing and inspire even greater achievments.  The best of luck with your new challenge, I'm sure it will be an adventure worth taking.


Good luck on your new adventure, I've been part of AMDRT and Alienware Arena for years and it's awesome to see you go to AMD - I'm  kind of surprised but it makes sense!

Cant wait for Frank to be part of AMD teams if rumor is true. It will be starting from ground up to build brand value

I loved his Introductions of new alienware pcs ..... He is good!!!