Ubisoft have high hopes for Watch Dogs: Legion

Ubisoft have high hopes for Watch Dogs: Legion

In a recent interview with Telegraph, EMEA Executive Director at Ubisoft, Alain Corre talked a bit about the upcoming Watch Dogs game, Legion, and what he and the company expect from it:

As you mentioned, the Watch Dogs Legion reveal has been one of E3’s most talked about moments. Were you anticipating that?

"Actually we knew we had something very, very good on our hands. We knew that the brand was very vibrant - there are plenty of players still playing Watch Dogs 1 and Watch Dogs 2. And we knew that owe had a breakthrough that was unique - being able to form your team by playing with any of the characters in the game. I think that’s something nobody has ever done and it’s bringing really new gameplay possibilities.”

Corre has also talked about the political undertones of the game (like mass surveillance and an authoritarian regime), but has stated that the game makes no political statement:

The other most remarkable aspect of Watch Dogs Legion is its political stance. Do you think that’s a risk which could alienate potential players?

“I think that in every country of the world there are some people who are not happy about the mass surveillance, about some technologies that are damaging their freedom, it’s happening everywhere. So what we wanted to do in Watch Dogs is give players the possibility to be someone different, maybe to experience some new things they’ve never done, to think differently…

“We’re not there to tell them what they have to think at all. What we want is to offer possibilities to explore new ways of behaving, new ways of exploring, and at the end of the day they make their own minds up. What is important to us when we create games is to bring fun and happiness to them. And also if we can bring them some possibilities for them to enrich their life, then we have achieved our mission.” 

In the past Ubisoft have distanced themselves from political statements and it also seems to be the case for Legion:

Previously Ubisoft has actively distanced itself from the political interpretations of games like Far Cry 5 and The Division. Yet this week Watch Dogs Legion’s Creative Director, Clint Hocking, told the Telegraph his game did have a specific message about collective responsibility. Does this mark a change of policy?

“Well, again, we want to give our fans the possibility to explore different things they are not doing in their everyday life. And that’s the beauty of interactive entertainment - to be someone else, to explore something different, to be able to act differently and afterwards see the consequences. And that’s really something that us creators can offer in these experiences. The player will do what he wants in our fictional world, but giving them different angles to explore is what we are really here for.”

Hopefully we'll learn more about the story in the months to come.

 Watch Dogs: Legion is coming out in March 2020 for PC, PS4, XBONE and Stadia.

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I have high hopes for Ubisoft.

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This looks cool. I hope it has that sense of humor as Far Cry 5 and AC Odyssey... chickens attacking you.


Unfortunately, I don't have high hopes for this franchise anymore. Bought the first two games, and didn't even bothered to finish the second, it got me bored and they took away too much things that were fun to do, even if they added a few new fun stuff, the overall felt like broken promises.

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I hope its good. FeelsOkayMan


nope, c'est toujours le même jeux, la même chose tous le temps





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"Actually we knew we had something very, very good on our hands."

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