ETS2 - Volvo FH Tuning Pack

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Yesterday, the 2nd of June 2020, the virtual truckers got a tuning pack for their beloved Volvo truck in the game Euro Truck Simulator 2! They waited for this for many years and now they're glad the waiting and begging belong to the past.

The Volvo FH now has more than 80 customization options. You can now change the chassis covers, rear bumpers, exhausts (vertical ones), fenders, stone guard, side skirts, front masks and grilles, bull bars, mudflaps, window trims, 2 new paint jobs and much more. Also, the inside of the truck can be more customized with Volvo FH tuning parts, like curtains, LED light panels, etc. A long story short ... there is a little bit of everything for everyone!

Here are some pictures of my own beloved and long-awaited Volvo FH truck:

The FH Tuning Pack can be bought at steam:



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Wow there's going to be some sexy looking Volvo FH's now running about great work scs defo gets my thumbs up.yes