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Please moderate the news posts!?

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One year ago we got the wonderful message that informed us about the new rules for writing articles on this platform. Quite some peoples were excited about it because finally there would be some moderation again and articles would have had content again that was worthwhile reading. 

Unfortunately, nothing is less true. During the last year, we got those stupid tasks to write articles to earn ARP. You can imagine that this was the ultimate way for people to spam this forum with copy/pasted material, one-liners (and not in a good way) and much more of that crap. Those tasks opened up the possibility for peoples to post articles which aren't even articles at all. They just create a title and in the description, they throw a link. "Article written, hit that publish button," is what they think and do!

I always liked having around on this forum. I still do. But I really hate that the news articles, which should tell us some interesting things about things that are going on in the gaming industry, are getting worse and worse with each day. 

I want to thank everybody who posts gaming news in a way that is still interesting and especially appealing for us to read. But I also detest those who just publish rubbish. And in a way, I'm disappointed about the fact that moderators are not really caring about the well-being of this forum by letting them publish those rubbish posts and not deleting them, as promised a year ago

This is one of those examples, published recently:

I'm all in to get information about upcoming or ongoing events in ETS2, but this?????? What does this post tell us???? Please, moderators, make this forum interesting again!

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I just checked It's 1~ spam topics in the past 2 weeks? and a topic that's would of been better suited for the multimedia boards.


I'm gonna be blunt the news section is lucky to get 2 topics a day we've tried to promote positive activity in there by featuring original and interesting post but when it's slow as molasses there's not much to feature and sometimes low effort and or copy/paste is the only activity.


and remember the users can help keep the news section clean by down-voting and triggering the auto hide/mark for review functions.