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What is your All-Time Favorite FPS and why?

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What is your All-Time Favorite FPS and why? 


Mine is Far Cry, love the beautiful Landscapes and love stealthing the outposts :)

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I would have to say Halo 2. Everything from the soundtrack to the community. Fun glitches like superbouncing. Making clans and friends online. Awesome story. And despite being so rushed, was really fun. It will always hold a special place in my heart as one of my first games, very nostalgic.

Half Life 2. It was the most inovative, ground breaking, great graphics, imersive, and a good story.

Half-Life or Bioshock for me. Tough to choose which one I like best.

I remember Bioshock Infinite being really beautiful, I liked the sense of scale in all the Bioshock games. 

Very hard question, but I would say Borderlands 2. I like the humor and the art style, but what really does it for me is the gameplay, RPG mechanics and the shoot and loot aspect. Stupid amounts of content, 6 characters with 3 skill trees each and an insane number of different items. You can get creative and play however you want with the craziest builds possible. On top of that, you have coop multiplayer. Made many friends playing BL2 through the years.

Wolfenstien 3d becuase it ws my first FPS and I had to ride my bike across town to Egghead software for the sharware discs when it came out

Crossfire by smilegate because it was my first game. It's a Korean fps and it's popular all over Asia, so it was my cousin that introduced me to it. The graphics and all that are terrible but that's partly why it's so popular. It has all the mechanics of something like csgo but it has lower performance requirements, which is good in poorer countries