Developers of This War of Mine and Frostpunk announce new game - The Alters!

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Pawel Miechowski here from 11 bit studios. I am absolutely proud and excited to present to you our new game -The Alters. Open your mind and begin with watching this amazing trailer:

Let me now unveil more details with a say, that at our team we always make games wrapped around certain ideas. We do not think about genres. There's the leading idea and everything comes from it. It has to be clear, emotional and pave the way for development. That is exactly how This War of Mine was born -a game about civilians in war, and Frostpunk -a game about society fighting for survival and now The Alters -a game about life-changing moments.

Now, the clue! The Alters is a story of Jan Dolski, a simple worker facing circumstances that lead him to a life-changing crossroads. Crash landing on a distant planet, stranded and alone, Jan finds himself in a daunting life and death situation. His only hope for survival is to bring helping hands on board. Not yet understanding the weight of his choice, Jan must create alternate versions of himself if he is to forge ahead: The Alters.

Let me now philosophically speak about the game's main theme: the life-changing moments. Those binary decisions that happen in nanoseconds, but have influence over your entire life. It is about looking into yourself, into your past, and discovering that you are who you are as a sum of those numerous choices. And when you do that a fundamental question arises: WHAT IF...? The game provokes you to ask: what If I altered my life? What if I took a different path? Who would I be? What would I say to a different me? What could I learn if I talked to my altered selves? What if I talk to my many selves at once?! It may sound surreal but we all ask ourselves those questions.

Finally, I'd like to underline The Alters is made truly in our philosophy of creation: meaningful entertainment. Something we've been driven by since This War of Mine. Games that ask you questions when you play them, or even when you stop playing.

Crazy and interesting, isn't it? Find more on the Steam page here:

Take care,


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The Green Surfer
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this should be an interesting game since I think every one has thought that "what I made this choice..." 

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I like the trailer and the idea behind this title. The facial expression of the character looks real!