5 Indies You’ll Want to Wishlist

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The first Steam Nextfest of 2024 just wrapped up! There were many innovative and creative gems that you won't want to miss, so here’s just a sampling that stood out. Be sure to wishlist the games that you’d like to support and stay updated on!


Pacific Drive

Starting the list off strong is this eerie survival adventure set in a “surreal reimagining” of the 1940s Pacific Northwest. You’ll play as a delivery driver who has found themselves on the inside wall of an abandoned research site called the “Olympic Exclusion Zone.” There is plenty of mystery and strange happenings in the world around you -many of them deadly. Your only company is an old station wagon and the voices on the radio that occasionally guide you. The survival aspect is strong, and you’ll often have to fix and replace parts on your car. Some might find this tedious, but gamers who have embraced this aspect of the game have built a bond with their car that evolved throughout the demo. Pacific Drive is available for pre-order on Steam and will be released on February 22nd. 



Pepper Grinder

Pepper Grinder is a 2-D adventure game that blends traditional platforming with the alternative “drilling mode” that enables you to drill through the earth “ like a dolphin swims through water.” The game seems to have captured the nostalgia and whimsy of a platformer while still innovating the mechanics enough to be a unique experience. The drilling is reviewed as smooth and satisfying while still being challenging enough to keep you playing. Pepper Grinder is set to release in 2024 and the demo is available on Steam to play now!




Hollowbody is a self-published title made by a single talented developer. The aesthetic of this “tech-noir survival horror short story” has all the right horror elements that grab and hold onto the player’s attention throughout the demo. The combat in the demo was gory yet sparse, but that’s okay considering it's merely an element of the story and not the focus of the game.  Hollowbody is not the first horror game from Headware Games. Chasing Static was released in 2021 and although it only has 369 reviews, it’s still at a respectable “Very Positive.” Hopefully, this previous success is an indication of what we have to look forward to for Hollowbody. There is no release date yet.




Lightening up the mood a bit is #BLUD. This dungeon crawler features an aesthetic inspired by hyperkinetic 90s cartoons in a modern setting. You’ll play as Becky, a high school freshman and field hockey player who just so happens to belong to an ancient bloodline of agile spellcasting vampire hunters. As the secret infestation of vampires invades the town, Becky is the only one who can save it. As is the case for most teenagers these days, social media plays an important role in the game as it is cleverly designed as the UI for quests. Social posts from other teens contain hints and hashtags that clue you into the next quest. The aesthetic might look cute and fun, but there are plenty of dark elements, satisfying combat, and plenty of gore. #BLUD is set to release sometime in 2024. 




MULLET MAD JACK is a single-player fast-paced FPS that perfectly captures the classic anime aesthetic if the saturation was turned way up. You’ll play as the main character, a mullet-sporting being that is both man and internet combined. You only have 10 seconds of life, but every kill you get refills your life. It’s a race against time to  A.I. robots called "ROBILLIONAIRES." The fun, vivid colors make the combat feel even more intense as you switch between each destructive weapon of choice trying to beat your best time. The voice acting and sweet synthwave soundtrack accompany the cyber gore perfectly -it’s gritty enough to be taken seriously but still a colorful delight. There is no date announced yet, but Steam does say coming soon.

Which one do you think you might play when it releases?

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Thanks and kind regards, checked out and wishlisted a couple.


I missed out on Hollowbody! Thanks for bringing my attention to it.


I missed Hollowbody, as well. It is so impressive what single devs are doing now. I am going to keep an eye on this one, but I'm still catching up on demos.


Hollowbody looks interesting, it's pretty insane that you can develop games like this as a solo developer nowadays...meanwhile big studios fail to create anything good because all their games have to be top notch graphics wise, have an open world, a million cosmetics, be live-service,...
I wish they would learn that people just want good games.


They all sound interesting thanks for the reviews.

Enjoys a Good Drink

a great list of games, i wonder how many we will see we can get for ARPS