Physical Rewards Now Available in Over 100 Countries!

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Shopping Spree Time!

Is your head longing for a new beanie? Your keys constantly lost with nothing tethered to them? Your desk drab and boring with no mousepad on it? Alienware Arena now has the solution to all of these questions! Physical rewards are now expanding to over 100 countries in the marketplace

These new items include:

Alienware Wristband

Alienware Stickers

Alienware Mousepad

Alienware Socks

Alienware Lanyard

Alienware Beanie

Alienware Keychain 

Alienware Pin

Act fast to be a part of this first run, quantities are limited until the next restock!




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Lonely hoarder

Not my country unfortunately so hopefully they can be traded by ARP or something.

The Great
GirBae said: 1h

lol that thumnail tho!! shipping free?

Its probably like $30+ and will take 3 months. But I could be wrong

I get an error: "User 'opt in' required for Dell Reward"

what should I do?



Seems like Sweden has it now, how much does the shipping cost