Overwatch 2 x TRANSFORMERS Collab is a Dream Come True for Blizzard Korea Studio's Bobby Kim

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing your favorite game work with an IP you love, and that was exactly what was going through Blizzard Korea Studio's Bobby Kim’s head when he got to work on the upcoming Overwatch 2 x TRANSFORMERS collaboration starting today, July 9th! The creative department made a great choice matching the art style in the collaboration trailer to the older animated series of Transformers, giving it a perfectly nostalgic feel. 


"I remember watching the Transformers series on TV with my eyes wide open as a kid. To my eyes, every car on the road looked like it could convert at any time, and I still sometimes daydream about it all these years later. While I didn't have the chance to own one of the toys back then, being part of this collaboration feels like the coolest gift I could give my childhood self.” Kim said in a recent interview.

Kim had a special focus on ensuring that the “car-like” design of each transformer translated through to the collaborative skins, staying true to the original design of the beloved Hasbro franchise. “One of the aspects I love about this skin are the windshield wipers. The technical artist did a remarkable job of bringing my vision to life.” Each skin does an impressive job complimenting the lore of each character in the collaboration, with Reinheart receiving an Optimus Prime skin, Bastion x Bumblebee, Arcee x Illari, and Megatron x Ramattra. There will also be event-specific collectibles like limited-time, TRANSFORMERS-themed rewards such as player icons, name cards, and titles that players can collect when they load up Overwatch 2 starting today. The little wipers on the Optimus skin are indeed, a fabulous touch, and Bastion transforms into a little car when in recon mode is the icing on the cake for this collaboration. Fans are also excited to see that Illari was chosen to be part of the collab, as since she is a new-ish hero, she doesn’t have as many skins as some of the other heroes that have been around since the first game. 

The collab is live today for the free-to-play Overwatch 2, so this is a perfect time for anyone to jump back in or finally try the game out! What's your dream video game collaboration? Let me know! 

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come on! dva is RIGHT THERE
what a missed opportunity lol

Bus Driver Batman

Looks cool from a Transformer fan and think they could have brought in some Dino bots or even the Beast Wars to fill in for some instead of giving the Gorilla arms to Megatron.


anticrim said: 3h

I like Transformers, but I don't like Overwatch 2.

Same here. There haven't been any good Transformers games since The Battle for Cybertron and that was like 10 years ago. There needs to be a new game that isn't a crossover.

EDIT: No longer on Steam, and not on GOG or Epic :( 


Getting desperate, I see. Sorry, Blizzard, you fucked it, I'm never coming back.


Thalatash said: 37m

Same here. There haven't been any good Transformers games since The Battle for Cybertron and that was like 10 years ago. There needs to be a new game that isn't a crossover.

Don't forget Transformers: Devastation by Platinum Games.


These would have been awesome and attract a lot of players in Overwatch 1. I'm not paying as much as i did for the entire game just for one of these skins.

But then again, Blizzard has shifted their audience to only those who would.


Don't forget Transformers: Devastation by Platinum Games.

I missed that one. I'm going to check it out, I've only read the Wikipedia article just now, but it looks like something I might like. Thanks!