🎮 [Steam-Key Giveaway]

Nordlicht (Nordlight)

The first alien who leaves me a nice message, a friendly greeting, or tells me a story that makes me smile will receive the key from me in a private message.

Take care ^^
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02.13.2024 16:34:04 - xtrmntr84 -
Hi Genukke , hope you have a great day! thanks for sharing
02.13.2024 16:41:40 - GeNuKKe -
Hi xtrmntr84, had a great day and will have a wonderful evening now XD. You will see the key in your inbox in a minute, and have a wonderful day too!
02.13.2024 18:49:59 - ZeusCell -
For the love of Gaming, good look to you, and evryone.
02.13.2024 20:57:22 - Tabbou -
You made the Relay tab usefull, congrats
02.13.2024 23:19:59 - hillberd -
howdy! I hope you are having a good day, and my sister had a baby and I took it over after she passed away and the baby lost all its legs and arms and now its just a stump but I take care of it with my wife and... and its growing and its fa
02.14.2024 09:25:53 - GeNuKKe -
Thanks for the kind words :) I am still trying to find the best overlay for my posts, but I think I am kind of close to it...