The Star Wars Dark Forces Remaster competition/giveaway is bugged. (URL The rules and page say it should be open until 11:59pm PDT 31st March 2024 but when I click on "Enter Now!" whilst logged in, I get an error message come up saying "Sorry, the submission period is closed. Please check back to see the winners.". According to Google it's 17:22 PDT on 30th March now.
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03.31.2024 00:33:18 - Stygiansilence -
Same issue
03.31.2024 00:44:38 - ❤ めぐ ☕ みん ❤ -
Probably they messed up with the time again. If guessing, probably the entries closed on Mar 31 00:00 UTC
03.31.2024 01:02:56 - westcoastcrazy -
Yup, same situation here. It isn't March 31st at 00:00 here yet so the theory that they messed up by a day hold no water.
03.31.2024 01:33:30 - herbsprovence -
March 31 00:00 utc happens at the same time for everybody lol.
03.31.2024 04:13:58 - Anaconda77 -
I was just able to enter on the link.
03.31.2024 20:52:12 - bouncealong313 -
I posted on Discord in the end and it seems they fixed it now. Should be working for everyone!