You actually need to have Ba'li Arches equipped when time on site is being registered in the ARP log to get the bonus. I thought you only need to have it on until you reach 8 ARP per day then the ARP will be granted when time on site registers, this is so bad. I bought it to swap between Scion of Light 2nd level and this, but it doesnt work, if I equip scion of light I lose the bonus from this, what a waste of 1000 ARP, I can't belive this.
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04.06.2024 10:53:07 - Reiatsu -
Why can't time on site register and be marked as 5+x per day and then be granted when time on site is usually granted instead of a bonus for the 5 base ARP if you have this equipped
04.06.2024 10:54:48 - Reiatsu -
Or why can't time on site register as you complete it, at a reasonable hour? This combined with thr 24 hour cooldown for swapping artifacts is such a pain in the head man, unbelievable
04.06.2024 13:44:42 - a0radio -
I have left the new artifact equipped since purchasing it, and everyday wait until the Earned ARP displays 5. However, I notice that the extra amount it awards in the log can vary day by day.
04.06.2024 15:25:09 - bcdusk2 -
Only it it registered in the ARP log you can swap it for a different artifact, the ARP won't be removed.
04.06.2024 16:30:48 - Reiatsu -
@bcdusk2 But the ARP log shows only 5 no matter how much I keep the site open, when I had the artifact on I received the correct amount (5+3) even though it showed 5, but since I unequipped it I only received 5
04.06.2024 16:35:24 - bcdusk2 -
You can unequip the artifact AFTER you get the extra ARP not before, then you can equip it again the next day before you reach 5 daily ARP.
04.06.2024 18:11:24 - Reiatsu -
@bcdusk2 I equipped it after (even though it still says 5 ARP not 8, it doesnt update) and I received only 5 for yesterday, it takes 24 hours to switch, if you switch betwwen scion and light and ba'li arches you wont get the ARP.
04.06.2024 18:14:01 - Reiatsu -
For example if I switch Ba'li Arches with Scion of light at 10 AM today (and time on site arp is granted at 7 am), I cant Ba'li Arches until 10 AM tomorrow, missing the arp bonus since time on site is granted at 7AM
04.07.2024 03:37:49 - PeppermintButler -
Yeah, it kind of sucks in that sense. Was hoping to do a swap as well. At least if you upgrade it to max obivously it's better than Scion of Light in the long run.
04.07.2024 07:00:18 - Zarddin -
I'm new here but well it is logical from the artifacts description when I bought my first 3 for 1 point each - you can switch every 24h and they will register only every 24h so you can use this one day and the other the next day.