Really, now?
0 / 240
04.18.2024 21:24:22 - Iskand4r -
It serves you right!
04.18.2024 21:27:12 - hawkeye116477 -
Well, I had more (-45). Looks like probably they remove it from minigame which for some reason it counted 3 times (I just wanted to press play again, but accidentally refreshed and that happened), so now bonus game isn't counted.
04.18.2024 21:30:50 - TurdFerguson87 -
@hawkeye116477 the memory game had been the most difficult to me in terms of the visuals. Though the mini game itself was running really badly for me lately with fewer fruit showing up and more bombs. I thought I was getting rusty!
04.18.2024 21:36:56 - Just.a.Guy -
I have the same problem, but mine was -30. WTF?!? I never got 30ARP for anything, so , that are they accusing me of?
04.18.2024 21:36:57 - Slvco -
I've got today "Discretionary Penalty -45". And I can't find any info (in mailbox or at #notifications) why :(
04.18.2024 21:53:46 - Aradiel. -
Upgrade your artifact and you'll get it all back and more.
04.18.2024 22:07:01 - Stygiansilence -
Interesting. Never seen this before. Would love to hear an explanation from the mods
04.18.2024 22:25:41 - ❤ めぐ ☕ みん ❤ -
From the look, it seems to be related some people were abusing unlimited ARPs with refreshing the minigame to get extra ARPs during these times, so AWA took down minigame to fix it and removed extra ARPs from people who abused it.
04.19.2024 01:06:01 - dreZmoL -
Off topic: I'm a big fan of the movie "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes", but it was difficult to memorize the order of these. x)
04.19.2024 03:02:35 - leonaevelionheart -
Would it be better to use more clear words like "Abuse the system for extra rewards (minigame)" instead of "Discretionary Penalty" in the ARP Log to avoid the confusion? At least people could know why they got the penalty.