I have an alienware aurora r15. I am looking to get more storage but have no clue how to do this. I am new to pcs
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05.14.2024 14:33:23 - bcdusk2 -
If you have a laptop, get a bigger SSD.
05.14.2024 20:14:58 - anonumos -
register an discord account, link it in the account settings, then go to community/discord/ #unnoficial tech channel and try to ask there; also on
05.14.2024 20:43:51 - anonumos -
05.15.2024 13:30:07 - Pylawn -
With an R15, you can either grab an extra NVME SSD or a 3.5' HDD to add more storage. Agree with @anonumos though and joining the discord to discuss this might be your best bet :)