The community unlocked "The Finals" border but I have not received it. I have 29 hours into the event and it is supposed to be unlocked but I do not have it in the inventory. Does anyone else experience this issue?
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02.26.2024 11:12:43 - ❤ めぐ ☕ みん ❤ -
Have you tried logout-relogin and check the last page of the Owned Badges section to see if THE FINALS Badge is there or not?
02.26.2024 11:51:15 - ogioto -
Tried, still no border...
02.26.2024 20:21:11 - _johny77 -
There are multiple pages in the Borders section. Make sure you check all pages, by going to the right with the arrow ">". I found my border on the last page.
02.26.2024 23:32:27 - ogioto -
I'm technical support, I'm not that retarded. There is no "The Finals" border on any page...
02.27.2024 04:21:20 - ❤ めぐ ☕ みん ❤ -
@ogioto Try change the site link url prefix. (Eg. na.alienwarearena ➡️ www.alienwarearena)
02.27.2024 09:53:18 - _johny77 -
@ogioto, sorry, didn't mean to offend. There's no way I can know your background. Hope you get it sorted out soon 🤞
02.27.2024 12:46:47 - ogioto -
Tried clearing cache, cookies, the prefix (which auto-changes back to eu) and everything, I'll just open support case.
02.28.2024 15:58:08 - ogioto -
It was fixed, now I have it! The support reacted quickly.