Can anyone help me on a question? If i play Terraria Quest (Steam Quests) and the personal game i select Terraria too, i will complete both quests together or i must play 2 hours (1 hour for each quest)?
Again, the Axe game is bugged. Now, i had reach Stage 9 and the game froze. I had to refresh the page and start all the quests again (including the memory game). Nice work, mates.
so, on this new quest format, i think everyone here has the same issue. Clicked on the controller and insta won 5 ARP. I believe they could refund (or at least, give some bonus), because it's not fair that a lot of people got scammed because of the programming fail.
I believe this "Discretionary Award" is for the missing Twitch points.
Anyone here is having issues with ARP count? I'm receiving less ARP then i could get. Since this update, it's bugged.