Fortnite's Playground mode goes off this week

Fortnite's Playground mode goes off this week

Fortnite last week finally got a new Playground mode and people liked it very much. However, in the world of this game, everything ends so will Playground - already on Thursday, July 12th, the Playground will return to Epic Games' workshop.

Luckily for players, the mode for free fun with friends and the creative exploitation of the map will not end permanently. Epic will, on the basis of the information gathered from the players themselves, work to update the mode and offer some new features like tagging teammates on the map, editing their structures and also 1v1 then 2v2 matches.

Also luckily for players, this Thursday in Fortnite starts "Season 5", meaning that Playground mode will be replaced by some new features. For now, it is not yet known exactly which, but count it to bring freshness to the existing map, if not an entirely new map.

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gran juego


Can't wait for Season 5! It'll be the first time playing Fortnite consistently. Start of my career lmao


nice info


i still can't believe they tried to ban this game at schools....nice try...kinda like how they "monitor" roblox lol 


playground mode is realy funny :D


looks like an interesting game i might like


Fortnite. nice



Good info!



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Epic Games announced that this week will remove the very popular mode from Fornite. But as this mode is temporary, so its removal will also be temporary.

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