Is SLI worth it in gaming PC's? (2020)

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Is SLI worth it in gaming PC's?  

So is SLI worth getting for your new gaming rig? It is a subjective thing , and everyone is free to their own opinion, but there is a lot of faulty information and empty claims, especially from those who claim that SLI is dead.  The fact is nobody really knows the future of SLI , and despite decreasing  support for the technology over recent years on both a hardware and software level, SLI is still a thing.  

Let's discuss some potential benefits of having a SLI PC,--for one it can provide performance beyond any single  GPU output for high settings in high resolutions and with high refresh rates. Plus there's still a good range of SLI supported games that can scale well and run smooth without stuttering, and with NVLink coming to consumer GPU's for the first time with the release of RTX cards shows promising signs for the future of SLI.

 Of course with benefits comes the potential downsides as well. Let's start with the elephant in the room yes SLI requires double the power consumption for inconsistent gains in performance, and to add to that requires much better cooling to keep temperatures in that cool zone, while unfortunately leaving a dent in the ole bank account. 

Do notice I didn't say waste of money, as you should understand that when you add a second GPU to a system, you're paying a premium to experience flawless performance for those crazy demands boasting the highest settings and resolutions. 

SLI can be worth it to one extreme gamer, and a waste of time and effort for another. If you fully understand what you're getting into and have the money for high-resolution 4K, 5K, or 8K gaming I'd say go for it, but for me, I always go with a single powerful card  that works without system tweaks, without the extra noise, and extra thermal heat. The fact of the matter is there are up and downsides to SLI but everyone is free to their own opinion. 



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I used to SLI my VooDoo2 cards back in the day...  back when it was a video card and not a GPU...  back when the world made sense.


tho, matrox millenium 4life xx

I feel like the only game that would ever require two modern graphics cards in SLI is probably Red Dead Redemption 2, but as the years go on, I'm assuming there will be more games to push the limits and become even more power hungry...



il faudrait déjà avoir de carte RTX2080 11Go disponible en France, mon Aurora à un délai de livraison énorme.....

I built an SLI system back in 2006 and it was a beast. But after only maybe 6 months I started having really wierd issues in games ONLY when SLI was on. I had 2 great cards so once this issue popped up I just started using 1 card. And I got both cards as an SLI bundle with the motherboard from newegg so it wasn't that big of a deal but it just killed me that I had a whole video card in my computer that I barely ever used. That computer lasted me a long long time. and now I have an aurora r11 with a single rtx 2080 ti and Im much happier. I can't imagine any game needed or even utilizing 2 2080 tis but more power to people who can afford them! I wish I could HAHA. 


as a next genration card used to pop up every 6 months with almost twice the performance it was barely worth it, Game developers took a while to write a game to max out the hardware that was available, there was little point to write a game that would not run on current hardware at time of development.

You don't need more than 1440p 144hz for gaming. One good graphics card will grant you that experience. If you need more you have too much money on your hands.