Battlefield 2042 Is Currently One Of The Worst Reviewed Games In The History Of Steam

Even though it was only released a mere three days ago, as of writing, Battlefield 2042 currently sits at #9 on Steam's lowest reviewed games list with a whopping 34,000+ negative reviews. Ouch. Fans are reporting numerous issues with game breaking glitches, bugs, and technical issues that are noticeably damaging the game's online reputation, resulting in floods of angry and negative reviews on the game's storepage.

The game did receive a day one patch attempting to iron out some of the issues being reported, but apparently that hasn't been enough to turn the tide. To rub salt in the wound, EA's stocks have even fallen nearly 6% over the past few days with many pointing to the game's backlash as the biggest contributing factor.

Battlefield Bulletin, a fan-run Battlefield news network, announced on Twitter that EA DICE are reportedly looking into fan's complaints and working on trying to address the issues that have raised regarding the game's performance.

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Tzuyu and Ryujin <3
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This version doesn't interest me. Still prefer BFV, except it's now all filled with hackers.

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Ah, sweet child of EA, returned to the ocean. A bottomless curse, a bottomless sea. Accepting of all that there is, and can be.

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That's really sad... EA keeps doing this with BFs for a couple of years now: great expectations, good promises... And when it's out, it's full of bad discoveries, crippled of bugs for months before it's actually playable in good conditions and after a couple of years, all servers are populated with 90% of hackers and they don't care. That's ruining the experience. I don't get how they are not able to fix that vicious loop once for all.

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I hope it is able to turn around and they at least do as they say about taking into consideration all the complaints and fixing at least in a timely matter. It's been awhile for me to get back into the BF series. I feel like the game itself has potential.

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They never learn. Stop rushing these games just so you can sell them during the holiday season. This is how they shoot themselves in the foot. Upper management wanted to realase it earlier even if developers said they need more time for polishing things, fixing bugs and implement features that should have been in the game in the first place.