Project F4E Prologue Key Giveaway

Join the Prologue!

We'll be giving away access to the Project F4E Prologue! The first Mini Season will run April 22 (3:00 PM UTC Start) - April 23rd (11:59 PM UTC Close)

Future playtest dates, pre-launch events, prologue updates, and more can be found at the Project F4E Prologue Site!


  • Only one key is required across all (+8) Prologue Seasons. Users will only have to claim a key once in order to play all the Prologue quests.
  • This giveaway is specific to Europe, North America, South America.

About Project F4E and The Prologue

Project F4E is a new kind of PvE Multiplayer Online Co-Op game that fuses the deep strategic teamplay and skill of a MOBA with the adventure of an MMO dungeon run / Roguelike. An ambitious seasonal world system will ensure the game keeps offering new challenges to you and your friends. Making friends is at the core of the game and a very special social hangout space offers peace, conversations, and portal fishing between the intense missions.

The F4E Prologue is a massive and wonderful pre-launch campaign that includes a lot of Pre-Launch Seasons. In each Pre-Launch Season, you can earn Prologue Points by completing the specific Prologue Quests that each season will have. If you earn enough Prologue Points you’ll be rewarded with Exclusive Gifts that cannot be earned after launch. You can also earn the actual game for launch by participating in around 3 seasons.

Check out the Prologue and the upcoming Pre-Launch Season at the prologue website.