Sci-fi adventure game Deliver Us Mars is available now

Deliver Us Mars, the sequel to 2019’s puzzle-adventure game Deliver Us The Moon, is now available on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Set 10 years after its predecessor, this new sci-fi adventure from developer KeokeN Interactive takes players on an extraordinary and emotional journey to the Red Planet. With a wide range of gameplay types – everything from ascending the cliffs of Mars with climbing axes to scuba diving, driving and floating in zero-G – this second instalment tells a story with both an epic scope and personal stakes.

Players take on the role of Kathy Johanson, a trainee astronaut who joins a desperate mission to retrieve the ARKs, vast spaceships that can give humanity a shot at reversing the damage done to Earth by climate change in the alternate future presented by Deliver Us Mars. The problem? Those ARKs are currently in the possession of Outward, a shadowy organization who abandoned the rest of humanity and subsequently settled on Mars. No one knows what happened to Outward in the years since the ARKs disappeared. 

Kathy’s mission is complicated by another factor, however: she’s compelled to join this mission because her father, Isaac, was a key figure in the Outward group. Years earlier, he abandoned Kathy and her family to join Outward at great personal cost – and now, a cryptic message makes it clear to her that he may still be alive on Mars. Kathy has to separate her personal feelings from the mission in order to have a chance at securing humanity’s future. 

Deliver Us Mars evokes a classic adventure-platformer feel in its gameplay, as players navigate the landscapes of Mars with precise climbing mechanics, daring jumps and quick escapes from collapsing structures. Yet the game changes from chapter-to-chapter as the story develops – some levels emphasize puzzle solving over action, and vice versa. That variety of gameplay supports the larger narrative that KeokeN has created.

With gorgeous-looking Unreal Engine graphics, KeokeN Interactive’s second game is a relatively rare indie sequel – and it’s one that takes big swings in pushing things even further. The game’s script is brought to life by a performance-captured cast, who help imbue the characters with a real sense of inner life. While the red sands of Mars will be familiar to players, every chapter in this game is set somewhere different – you’ll see snapshots of Earth, and you’ll explore damaged space stations, icy valleys and other locations when you arrive on Mars itself. 

Fans of Deliver Us The Moon can look forward to a thrilling adventure – and anyone coming to the series fresh can enjoy Deliver Us Mars as a standalone experience. 

Deliver Us Mars is available now for £24.99/$29.99/€29.99.

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Loved the first installment. And knowing it's even made by fellow country men makes me feel proud ;)


I really loved Deliver Us The Moon and hope that Deliver Us Mars is even better.  The rich story line is something I loved.

Enjoys a Good Drink

game looks promising, will look into this game and see if it is for me