Star Trek Online - Tholian Incursion Pack Giveaway

A transdimentional Reality Vortex is disrupting space-time throughout the Multiverse!

Featuring a new episode, TFO, new Patrols, and an update to the Infinity Lock Box, Star Trek Online: Unraveled will take you deep into the final frontier.

Your Tholian Incursion Pack will unlock:

  • Ground Non-Combat Pet Pack - EV Tholian Toy
  • Tholian Crystalline Sword
  • 1 Elite Services Pack


  • This code is PC exclusive.
  • These will all be in the Promotions Tab in the Zen Store to claim
  • Players must have completed the Tutorial in order to claim
  • Any faction should be able to claim it
  • This is a once-per-account claim
  • Codes expire 12/31/2024