Dell Rewards Now Available in the UK!

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Dell Rewards Now Available in the UK through Alienware Arena and on!

We are thrilled to announce that Dell Rewards have officially arrived in the United Kingdom, bringing you even more benefits and value for your loyalty! For every pound spent on eligible purchases at DELL, you will earn Reward Points that can be redeemed towards future Dell products and accessories. 

It has never been a better time to engage in the Alienware Arena community! Participating in community challenges, logging in daily, and completing quests are just a few of the ways members can earn ARP which can be redeemed for Reward Points in the marketplace. 

How do you opt-in to this program, you ask? It's simple! UK members will receive an email with a code for 1500 Reward Points. Redeeming this code will opt you into the program OR redeem Reward Points from the marketplace at any time! 


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That's lovely congratulations to the UK! Hoping for more expansion throughout Europe, thank you Alienware!


Loving the UK rewards programme.  I've bought two more monitors than I needed as a direct result of the Dell Rewards programme in the UK.