Join the Islands of Insight Playtest!

Islands of Insight is an epic shared-world puzzle adventure game set in a peaceful fantasy realm of ancient wonders and natural beauty. Brimming with mysterious puzzles to solve, secrets to uncover, and sublime landscapes to explore, this awe-inspiring world of floating islands is yours to discover at your own pace.

Islands of Insight is excited to bring the game to players' hand for the first time during our Open Steam Playtest. Open from September 7th at 1 pm Eastern Time until September 21st at 1 pm Eastern Time, the playtest will be the first opportunity for you to dive into an epic journey of puzzles, exploration, and discovery, and share your feedback. Get a taste of Islands of Insight’s expansive world, game mechanics, and puzzles, with lots still left to discover down the road.

As part of the open playtest, you will be able to:  

  • Seek out and solve a wide array of puzzles densely spread across the landscape. 
  • Freely explore an open world at their own pace filled with secrets to discover.  
  • Complete puzzle quests to progress the game’s campaign, unlock new areas, and reveal lore.  
  • Contribute to improving the Islands of Insight experience by sharing feedback directly with the development team.  

Join our Steam Open Playtest by visiting the game’s Steam page and click the “Play” button under the playtest header.

For those curious about what they can expect during the Playtest, check out our new Gameplay Reveal Trailer
See you on the islands! 

Join the Playtest!

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Haven't heard of it before but it's an interesting concept.


This looks very pretty. Definitely going to wishlist it.